The congregation is our largest musical group and a strong performance by the congregation is one of the primary goals of our music ministry. This group is for all ages and abilities and there are no rehearsals!

Worship Choir

The Worship Choir sings in both morning worship services nearly every Sunday from September through May. Rehearsals are Wednesday nights from 7:45-9:00.

For the purpose of building a group of people who work well together, care about each other, and worship Jesus with a united voice, making the Wednesday night and Sunday morning gatherings a top priority is very important when considering a commitment to this ministry. It would be helpful to have some musical training and ability to read music, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Contact Pastor Tim if you have any questions about the Worship Choir.

Preschoolers, Children and Student Worship

Helping our preschoolers, children and students make worship and praise a priority in their lives is one of our goals at Peters Creek.

Creek Kids Adventure Club (for preschool), BLAST (for grades 1-5), Kaos (for middle school) and Konnect (for high school) utilize student-led bands, songs from current Christian musicians, and music relevant to their age group and culture to learn how to worship God through music. 

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